Services & Pricing

All prices include tax and are based on a hourly labor rate. These prices are applicable to guitars that are currently in a playable condition. Cellar dwellers, yard sale specials, and guitars that haven’t been played or maintained in a while may require more attention up front to assess their playability.


  • Inspection of the entire instrument, including its current setup, playability, and structural integrity
  • Cleaning and oiling of fingerboard, fret end dressing and polish frets.
  • Tightening and/or lubrication of tuners, bridges and other hardware
  • Inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of electronics
  • A full setup: Re-string, truss rod adjustment, balancing of bridge and/or tailpiece, adjusting string height at nut* and bridge, setting intonation, adjusting pick up
  • Height and balance output.
  • Suggestions for upgrades, improvements, care of instrument
bridge & nut

Not all guitars are created equal. A proper assessment of the guitar and condition of the bridge is necessary for an estimate.

Fret work

Includes diagnosis of current neck and fingerboard status as well as fret wear.


Electronics services are charged at an hourly rate of $75 per hour and do not include the cost of parts including pots, switches, jacks, 9-volt harness, etc.

Official ESP Guitar Service Center

For warranty repairs, please contact ESP prior via email.
For non-warranty services, contact Crown & Saddle directly.

There is a $25 bench fee if no suggested service is received


Strings not included in cost of setup.

Shims necessary for nut height will be included in cost of set-up unless otherwise
communicated to customer.

Standard Guitars and Basses

6-7 string electric guitars, non-locking vibrato (fender, wilkinson, etc).
Steel-string and nylon string acoustics, 4-5 string basses.


Other Guitars and Basses

Locking Vibratos (Floyd Rose, Kahler, Ibanez) dual-truss rod necks
8/9/12 string guitars, 6/8 string basses


Add On – Dressing overhanging fret-ends

Filing flush, bevel, and reshaping overhanging frets ends

+ $25

Add On – Fret Dressing

Precise adjustment of neck, level, crown and polishing frets (includes dressing over hanging frets)

+ $70


Nut Replacement

Removal of old nut, cleaning & truing nut slot, and gluing in new nut. A setup is required for nut slot depth adjustments.


Removing excessive bone nut height


Removing excessive plastic/synthetic nut height


Fender & Gibson style bone nut


Bridge and Saddle Work – Synthetic

Cutting and shaping to slot in bridge.


Bridge and Saddle Work – Bone

Cutting and shaping to bridge.



Full Refret

Includes diagnosis of current neck & fingerboard status. Removal of frets, planing of fingerboard, cleaning fret slots and cutting to proper depth, installation of new frets level/crown/polish and a complete setup. Cost of fret material and strings not included.

Stainless steel frets will have an additional charge of $25

See Below

Rosewood, ebony, or similar fingerboard wood


Maple fingerboard


Bound fingerboard


Bound maple fingerboard


Bound fingerboard with nibs

Individual Fret Replacement


Add On – Each additional fret



All prices are based off an estimate.

Electronics services are charged at an hourly rate of $75 per hour

1 pickup


2 pickups


3 pickups


Pot Replacement


Jack Replacement


Pick Up Replacement


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